Especially since it’s our main method of cooking stuffI am so

Season Open Discussion Post

Ffs so I’m back home for the weekend canada goose uk shop and earlier today canada goose clearance sale my flat mate cheap canada goose uk posted on her Snapchat story a video of the glass lid from my electric skillet that was smashed all over the floor and my other flat mate canada goose coats on sale sweeping it up (the other flat mate was the one who dropped it). Especially since it’s our main method of cooking stuffI am so annoyed. Have been concerned today that something in particular needed to be covered up outside before it rained later on. I was at work so couldn do it myself. Considered texting those involved but didn want to seem like a nag (I had complaints that i a nag and fuss too much) Canada Goose online and thought that, surely, one of the three of them would remember because they would have to use the thing later that day.Lo and fucking behold no one remembered. It rained, a lot. So I guess we just fork out for another fucking expense because that all we seem to do here. The hosts are another matter, but apart from 2 or 3 girls I wouldn say many of the contestants scream camp particularly.A good starting point canada goose uk black friday would be British and Australian drag queens like Dame Edna and canada goose outlet Lily Savage. That tradition of drag is 100% camp, compared to America where camp queens are relatively scarce and lip syncing Canada Goose Online or being fishy is more common. To some degree it is just about being a comedy queen, where canada goose the object is not to be fierce so much as to be funny (in general, in terms of look and not just jokes per se)I think “Notes on was the most helpful thing I read on the matter, however it rather old and I wonder how the concept has changed and evolved since she wrote it. I think there must be a difference between Camp and intentionaly being campy, since for Sontag camp is mostly unintentional and nave (at least as far as I remember) and at least in the show I think campy Canada Goose Parka queens know what they doing? I don know, but definitely there must be new research material uk canada goose outlet on the matter with a more updated view!Some key things that helped me understand the concept of Camp through Sontag text:camp is the aesthetical experience of the world;a way of viewing the world through artificiality;androginy ( going against the “establishment” on gender, for exemple: seeking feminity in butch men/ seeking masculinity in feminine women);seeing the world in “quotes”: not a lamp, but a “lamp”, not a woman but a “woman”;everything and everyone is seen as a character;sentimental relationship with the past;innocence and corruption of innocence;my tweet dragging Grace Randolph for getting mad over Tessa cheap Canada Goose Thompson and Benedict Wong being cast as voices for animated dogs in the remake of Lady and the canada goose store Tramp, because to her it (???) canada goose coats went viral, and I so happy that hack got exposed.what kind of idiot thinks that the race of actors VOICING animated dogs is important, or that them not being white voice actors is considered dogs. I will Canada Goose Jackets admit that me and my friends couldn get into the after party, so we loitered around outside the tent waiting to catch him leaving, meanwhile having fun talking to Steve Bartek, his guitarist and right hand man, while he loaded all his own equipment back up. Steve was super friendly, down to Earth and personable. He made a passing comment about how Danny had somebody else tune his guitar for him, in a bit of a hesitant way like he was buy canada goose jacket cheap exposing how Hollywood Danny had gotten.After an hour or so of waiting and seeing other celebrities and their friends leave in the parking lot, Danny finally emerged from the tent, head down and quietly walking toward the parking lot with a security guard nearby, and as we started to approach him the security guard very tersely yelled that canada goose clearance we could only get one picture with him each and not take too long. We took our pictures, and I posed with Danny with my hand around his back, and he put his hand on my Canada Goose Outlet shoulder. I thought that was a nice moment of human contact with him. He seemed warm and gentle going on that.I wanted SO badly to have the experience of talking to Danny and getting to know him as a person, so I took a chance after the pictures were taken and I said, “Thank you so much!” with as much genuine love as I could express to him uk canada goose in those small words.He very slowly canada goose black friday sale turned his head towards me, stared directly into my eyes, no expression, no smile, no response. it got a little awkward and confrontational feeling after a few seconds. then he slowly turned his head away from me and continued standing with the other fans for pictures. That was all. I felt a little empty handed from that interaction, and it put a damper on an otherwise great night.

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