“Kids are confused about the messages they’re getting from TV

Is Your Tween Too Sexy Too Soon

Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramEight year olds wearing makeup? Nine year olds singing about “hoes”? Ten year olds wanting six pack abs or big breasts? Experts tell you how to counteract the sexual messages that surround our kids, and help them stay young a little longer.Kathy Smith’s 10 year goose outlet canada old son, Mason, and his friends often ogle the buxom women and muscular male characters in video games. The boys make comments about the women’s breasts, but they also talk about the men, she says. “They’ll zoom in on one of the guys and say, ‘Look how big his private parts are,'” says Smith. Now Mason often asks his mom, “When am I going to have a canada goose outlet online uk six pack?” “I told him ten year olds don’t have six canada goose outlet black friday packs,” says Smith. “He says he can’t wait until he’s twelve so he can work out on the adult floor of the gym. I try to stress that being healthy is the most important thing.”Situations like this are all too common these days, and they’re affecting kids at younger and younger ages. When you think about the explicitly sexy images and themes children are exposed to in video games, television shows, and music videos, it’s hardly surprising that many start to imitate some of the behavior they see daily. Idols like Miley Cyrus seem to morph overnight from canada goose outlet jackets wholesome Disney TV star official canada goose outlet to strutting video vamp in leather. Lindsay Lohan’s youngest fans know her as both the freckle faced girl fromThe Parent Trapand an out of control young woman in trouble with the law.What’s alarming is that new research shows that sexual images and messages can take a serious toll on your child’s well being. That message is a minefield for children.Studies have canada goose outlet store uk shown that girls who are obsessed with their appearance are more likely to start smoking, become depressedand develop an eating disorder as they get older. When girls reach the teen years, those who value themselves only for their sexual attractiveness are more likely to do risky things, such as avoiding using condoms during sex, since they’re not comfortable asserting themselves in sexual situations. These girls are also less able to focus on academic tasks and physical activities.Boys, meanwhile, are getting the message that they need to have an attractive girlfriend to be accepted. And those boys who feel they need to appear sexually active and tough to be considered cool may become depressed if they don’t measure up. “When kids judge each other based on their looks, they don’t learn how to have caring, connected relationships,” she adds. Both boys and girls may be at risk of developing body image problems and loss of self esteem if they strive to look sexy when they’re still too young.The good news is you canada goose jacket outlet can help canada goose outlet toronto factory your child navigate these minefields. You don’t need to have all the answers; simply acknowledging the pressures your child is facing canada goose outlet canada is enough. The goal is to keep the lines of communication open so that when bigger issues come up, your child will feel safe talking with you, says Brown.Here, parents and experts share their strategies for tackling some of the most troubling sexual dilemmas kids are facing today.The dilemmaMy 6 year old son walked up to canada goose outlet uk a girl and said, “I want to have sex with you!”What to say”Your son probably has canada goose outlet new york canada goose outlet city no idea what the word [sex] means, so if you canada goose outlet parka come down hard on him, it will be frightening and confusing,” says Kilbourne. Ask him why he said it and what he thinks it means. Chances are he doesn’t know, so you can give him an age appropriate definition.Encourage your son to talk to you about words he doesn’t understand. Since the source of many of these words is television, it may be helpful if you watch his favorite TV shows and movies with him, and discuss what he sees and hears. canada goose black friday sale In fact, a study showed that when parents watch a show and discuss it with their kids, they can influence the way children interpret the sexual messages on TV. Even shows young children watch, such asiCarly, Zoey 101andVictorious, contain subtle sexual messages. “Kids are confused about the messages they’re getting from TV,” says Levin. “We’re blaming children for saying and doing things that make perfect sense given what they’re exposed to. Adults need to stop punishing kids and help them try to understand what’s going on.”That strategy worked for Christina Diehl when her 6 year old son, Erich, told a girl at a family cookout that she was sexy. Diehl took him aside and calmly asked if he knew what the word meant. He thought about it for a minute and said, “She’s pretty.” Diehl told Erich she’d rather he used the word “pretty.” “I said, ‘We don’t use the word ‘sexy’ when we talk to girls,'” recalls the mom of two from Long Valley, NJ. “I was upset because he didn’t know what the word meant. I’m worried that he will continue to say things he doesn’t understand, and people will get angry.”The dilemmaMy 9 year old daughter wants to canada goose factory outlet wear short skirts and midriff baring tops to school, but I don’t want her to dress like a teenager.What to sayYour immediate reaction might be to nix the trashy outfits, but you’re better off trying to figure out what would make your daughter happy. “If you say no, your child might learn to do things behind your back,” says Levin. “If you let her feel like she has a voice, you’ll help her learn to live thoughtfully and responsibly.”Ask your daughter why she wants to dress like this. If she says she’s worried that her friends or boys won’t like her if she doesn’t, ask if her girlfriends have the same problem canada goose outlet in usa and what they do. Explain why you’re concerned and sympathize about how hard it is to live up to these standards. canada goose outlet sale Then try to compromise. Maybe she can wear a short but not too short skirt with her favorite sweater. In the meantime, try to get her interested in something other than clothes. Encourage her to participate in activities that will make her feel good about herself, such as gymnastics or the school playand support her friendships with kids less concerned about appearances.Annette Cavallone faced this situation recently when her 7 year old daughter, Sara, wanted to tie up her shirt to expose her midriff at a soccer game. “I asked her why, and she said the other girls wear their shirts like that, and canada goose outlet store she wants to show her belly because she’s skinny,” says the mother of three in Long Valley, NJ. “Sara thinks it’s cool to look like that, but she doesn’t understand what ‘sexy’ is. I said, ‘You’re here to play soccer; this isn’t a fashion show.’ And I mentioned that she wouldn’t be comfortable playing soccer that way. I’m wondering, where are these girls going to go from here if they’re dressing like teens now?”The dilemmaMy 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter love listening to music and singing along with the lyrics. But how can I talk to them about sexually explicit lyrics like “bluffin’ with my muffin” from Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” or the “hoes” in rap songs like “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”?What to sayYou can’t always control the music your kids hear and you don’t want to always be in a confrontational relationship with them so the best way to handle it is to start with an open ended, positive question like “Why do you like this music?” Of course, they’ll tell you it’s cool or all their friends listen to it, but you need to welcome their opinions so your kids will listen to you when you tell them how you feel about the music, says Dr. Shrier.Once you’ve heard them out, say you understand why they like it, then mention your objections. “You can say something like ‘I can see why you like the music, but I don’t like the way the singer talks about women,'” says Kilbourne, who herself had a discussion with her daughter about Eminem. You might also point out that many rap artists try to create a tough image for themselves because it helps sell their music, adds Kilbourne. If your kids ask what the lyrics mean, put them in simple, age appropriate terms they’ll understand, such as “‘hoe’ is not a nice way to http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com describe someone,” says Dr. Shrier.The dilemmaMy 10 year old son feels pressure to ask girls on dates, but I know he’s not ready yet.What to sayAsk your son why he feels that way and what he really wants to do. “Hear him out in a supportive way, then let him know how you feel about dating at a young age,” advises Dr. Shrier. “You might say something like ‘It sounds like you feel you should do this, but it might not be the right choice for you. Your dad and I can help you decide.'” When you talk with your child in canada goose outlet nyc a collaborative way, it will help keep the lines of communication open. Find out what “going on a date” means to him. “It’s important not to make any assumptions about what he wants to do with a girl,” says Dr. Shrier. He might just want to talk to her. If that’s the case, perhaps he can invite a group of friends over and include her.Scott Costello’s canada goose outlet reviews mom, Lisa, is worried about her son’s popularity. Girls chase the 10 year old around the playground, and moms tell Costello their canada goose outlet shop daughters are in love with Scott. “Girls call and hang up if he doesn’t answer,” says the mother of three from Summit, NJ. “He’s only in fourth grade, and this is ridiculous. I feel like the canada goose outlet attention he’s getting from girls is taking away his innocence.”The dilemmaSometimes my eight year old daughter gets off the school bus wearing another girl’s makeup.Hear her out first, suggests Dr. Shrier, then you can say something like “I don’t think kids your age should be wearing makeup, because it’s for grown ups. Grownups might do it to feel prettier, but it doesn’t look the same way on a young person.” Keep in mind that some parents do let their girls wear lip gloss to school, so it’s important to remind your daughter that families canada goose outlet online have different rules and that you do what you think is best for your child.

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