There is also a night mode which can be configured to activate

Now come on the other cashless transaction kind of this IT companies those who have been getting all this business allotted with the names of Aadhaar based, PAN based I have heard the management of Alankit the name having changed, their business model, their operations, their shareholding pattern I am just trying to single out I am not against any particular company, but with Alankit again the float is just 5 percent. The major stocks are held by the closely held and group kind of thing with Rs 500 crore market cap they are just mesmerising the retail traders those who try to lap this kind of stories. Take it from me that they all will end up buying them at the super rates and all that and will see them keep holding all these things at a fabulous prices once the results are out whether you wait for Q3, Q4 FY17, I don think that things are going to get reflected, so my caution or my big caution is definitely earning on all these stocks..

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