“This invocation angered Trump

That was just one more than the 14 who had showed to the team’s last practice before disbanding last August. Tears streamed down players’ faces as school officials made the announcement to the group. Seniors wouldn’t get to finish their careers. He added, “That’s why I think all of us encourage the good people around the president to stay.”Trump was the first to speak for the administration and lashed out at the Times for its decision to publish the column.”The failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial can you believe it? anonymous, meaning gutless, a gutless editorial,” Trump told reporters during an event with sheriffs in the East Room of the White House.The president went on to brag about his popularity, although nearly all public polls show that more Americans disapprove of his job performance than approve of it. “Our poll numbers are great, and guess what? Nobody’s going to come even close to beating me in 2020,” Trump said, as the sheriffs assembled behind him burst into applause.The president later tweeted a single word alleging a possible crime: “TREASON?”In the Times column, the official writes about the late Sen. John McCain, R Ariz., in heroic terms, describing him as “a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue.”This invocation angered Trump, who in his private talks with advisers and friends expressed particular dismay because he has long viewed McCain as a personal enemy, according to people familiar with the president’s thinking.

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