Wilglory Tanjong, one of the student organizers with the Black

“Learning about marginalized groups, their cultures, and structures of privilege is just as important as any science or quantitative reasoning course,” the group wrote in its demands.And it demanded a space for black students on campus. The document ends with a request that President Christopher Eisgruber sign it.Wilglory Tanjong, one of the student organizers with the Black Justice League on campus, said they began with a demonstration in front of the hall and are now holding a sit in “indefinitely.”Earlier this fall, Tanjong wrote a piece for the Daily Princetonian, “On the Legacy of Woodrow Wilson, a Racist Bigot.”Tanjong wrote of her efforts to convince administrators that they should not honor Wilson. “I was told that Princeton honors Woodrow Wilson because of the contributions he made to higher education, America and the world.

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