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Wholesale Replica Bags Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeBut for lots of people including younger drivers second hand cars are the only choice, as they are often replica bags china the only cars that those on a tighter budget can afford to run.Buying a used car is a great way to cut costs, as the first owner has taken the hit of initial depreciation. Most new cars lose around 40% of their value in the first year, according to replica designer backpacks the AA.Picking a model that is a few years old will dramatically slash the upfront cost.But there are risks associated with buying second hand, so it’s important to take your time, and not rush into anything, even if you’re not buy replica bags online spending a fortune.The extra rights replica designer bags wholesale you best replica designer bags have to replica wallets get your money buy replica bags back if you buy a second hand car online and it turns out to be faultyWhat do you need to think about if you plan on buying a used car?When searching for a set of wheels, it’s not just the initial cost of purchase you need to think about.There are also running costs to consider, as well as the condition and ownership of the vehicle.”Think carefully about petrol or diesel, as if you live in London, for example, heavily polluting diesels now have to pay an additional tax on top of the congestion charge.”You may find hybrid cars Replica Designer Handbags are more expensive to buy, but you will pay little or no duty as they are low emission vehicles.”Also think about the size of car you’re buying, as smaller cars (with smaller engines) are generally best replica bags cheaper to insure.The cheapest and most expensive cars to maintain revealed and how you can save cashWhere do you get the best value?(Image: Getty Images)The key to finding the best value used car is by first getting designer replica luggage an indication for how much certain models are fetching for that age and mileage.Sites such as AA Cars can help cut down this legwork by showing you how much certain age models are fetching, while sites such as Parkers, What Car? And high quality replica bags Carbuyer will also give you a rough estimate of what a car is worth.James Fairclough, motoring expert of AA cars, said: “Value can be a difficult concept. A cheap price tag might mask the fact the car needs a lot of work down the line.”By contrast, a slightly pricier model from a respectable dealership could have far fewer miles under its belt, so may be better value in the long term Wholesale Replica Bags.

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