At Romeo Property Valuers we are proud to offer our clients independent valuation and property consultancy services. We provide a comprehensive range of valuation, research and advisory services which are used by solicitors, accountants, property developers, individuals and corporations. We cater for all property valuation and consulting requirements, from individual residential properties to major development projects and corporate and government portfolios.

We provide professional services for all classes of property including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and rural. We are staffed by fully qualified Property Valuers who rigidly adhere to professional standards always act in our client’s best interests. Romeo Property Valuers ensures complete confidentiality to all clients.

A Registered Valuer will conduct a full inspection of the nominated property, carry out research and analysis into the local market and provide a detailed report providing information and commentary on issues affecting the current market value of the property.

We operate in the property market every day and have the knowledge and insights to give you an advantage in your property decisions. Our valuers operate and practice within most localities of NSW and will take the time to work you through the valuation process if necessary, to ensure you are completely happy with our service.

Purposes of Valuation
  • Transfer duty/ Stamp duty
  • Capital gains tax
  • Superannuation Audit Valuations
  • Self managed Super funds
  • All taxation valuations
  • Pre purchase
  • Pre sale
  • Set reserve price at auction
  • Development feasibility analysis
  • Bail purposes
  • Rent reviews
  • Rental Determinations
  • Retrospective Valuations (Valuation required for a historical point in time)

In Australia we utilise the following definition for market Value:

The concept of market value reflects the collective perceptions and actions of a market and is the basis for valuing most resources in market-based economies.  Although precise definitions may vary, the market value concept is commonly understood and applied.  Market value is defined as:

The estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s-length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.

It is important to stress that the professionally derived market value estimate is an objective valuation of identified ownership rights to specific property as of a given date.  Implicit within this definition is the concept of a general market comprising the activity and motivation of many participants rather than the preconceived view or vested interest of a particular individual.

A market is the environment in which goods and services trade between buyers and sellers through a price mechanism.  The concept of a market implies that goods and/or services may be traded among buyers and sellers without undue restriction on their activities.  Each party will respond to supply-demand relationships and other price-setting factors as well as to the party’s own capacities and knowledge, understanding of the relative utility of the goods and/or services and individual needs and desires.  A market can be local, regional, national or international.

Value is an economic concept referring to the price most likely to be concluded by the buyers and sellers of a good or service that is available for purchase.  Value is not a fact, but an estimate of the likely price to be paid for goods and services at a given time in accordance with a particular definition of value.

The economic concept of value reflects a market’s view of the benefits that accrue to one who owns the goods or receives the services as of the effective date of valuation.

Market value is the best price at which the interest in the property being valued might be expected to be sold at the date of valuation assuming:-
a)  A willing but not over anxious vendor and purchaser;
b)  A reasonable period in which to negotiate the sale, taking into account the value of the property and the state of the market;
c)   The value will remain static throughout the period;
d)  The property will be freely exposed to the market;
e)  No account is to be taken of any additional bid by a special purchaser.