If you are thinking of buying, selling or renovating, a property report or valuation is sure to assist you in making an educated decision. As an informed buyer, seller or investor, you can make better financial decisions with the right information.

Which valuation report do I need?
If after reading the following, you would like some advice as to which service will meet your needs, please contact Romeo Property Valuers to speak with a valuations manager.

Romeo Property Valuers utilises the credible and market leaders property data and research provider RP Data to offer up to date and accurate information that will assist in your property research. It is imperative that you don’t buy or sell until you have all the correct information from a credible source. Depending on the service required, one of our team members may also attend your property in order to provide an accurate assessment of the property particulars.

Estimate Report/Desktop Valuation

A Desktop Valuation (EVR) is prepared by a Registered Property Valuer with knowledge of your local market. The Valuer accesses both contemporary and historic property data and combines this with their own local experience to provide the desktop valuation report. This same valuation methodology has been proven by leading Australian lending institutions in their assessment of loan applications. These are the primary report type accountants and solicitors utilise for Superannuation Fund Audits.

Kerbside Valuation

A Kerbside Valuation is carried out by a Registered Property Valuer with knowledge of your local market. The Valuer carries out an external inspection of the subject property from kerbside view only and later accesses contemporary and historic property data and combines this with their own expertise to provide the Kerbside Valuation Report.

Full Internal Valuations

A property valuation that includes a full internal and external inspection of a property is carried out by a Registered Property Valuer. Our firm conducts valuations of all property types, including all categories of residential and commercial properties, for a wide range of purposes. The price of a full valuation will vary depending on the property type and location as well as the purpose of the valuation. All these factors determine the amount of work involved in completing the valuation report. To discuss your specific needs and to obtain a quote, please contact Vincent Romeo on 02 9002 7347 or 0438 080 786. Alternatively, you can complete our Online Request Form.

Romeo Property Valuers provides independent property valuations to ensure you make an informed decision about your financial situation and your property needs.

Independent property valuations are useful for many different purposes and are tailored to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact us to speak to one of our professional valuers to see if we can meet your valuation needs. If you require a valuation in a short time frame we will try to accommodate your needs and schedule a valuer to perform the valuation as soon as possible.

Our property valuation experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide you with advice across all property types. We produce independent reports ranging from single valuations to entire portfolios within NSW. Our experienced and professional team are able to assist you valuation reports for:

  • Market Value
  • Retrospective valuations (Valuations required for a historical point in time)
  • Stamp duty/ Inter-family Transfers
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • GST
  • Liquidation/Bankruptcy
  • Tax Audits
  • Internal accounting Valuations
  • Rent Reviews/Determinations
  • Development feasibilities
  • Pre purchase / Pre sale
  • (SMSF) Superannuation fund compliance and audits
  • First home owners compliance
  • Easement compensation
  • Common Property Valuations and Transfers
  • Exclusive use valuations
  • Strata Unit entitlements (including execution of Strata Administration sheet/Valuers certificate)
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Strata Building Replacement Costs
  • Compulsory acquisition (Just terms)
  • Immigration compliance
  • Deceased Estates / Probate
  • Family Law
  • Partnership disputes and settlements
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Expert Evidence
  • Expert Critique
  • Bailment
  • Property partitioning
  • Asset Register Valuations
  • Land Tax disputes
  • Special purpose Valuations
  • Retirement Living
  • Service Stations
  • Child Care Centres